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Minimize The Downtime Of Your Power Backup

UPS systems provide power backup for a stipulated period of time in powercut or power failure situations. There are many factors that can cause your system to fail due to low battery health which leads to frequent downtime and limit the ability of a UPS to keep critical loads running and like battery health. They can only be identified and/or prevented from regular inspection and maintenance
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) maintenance contracts and other AMC’s serves as a central nerve to your business, saving not only the expensive hardware infrastructure but also ensuring business continuity, especially in critical work environments

Choose The Right Service Provider For Your AMC

We at Mpower India Pvt Ltd have the expertise & experience in the field to ensure hassle-free UPS AMC services in Mumbai & also have a pan India presence.
At Mpower we will also provide a backup of resource engineers to support you in situations arising from natural disasters and unexpected situations like power failure or power fluctuations.
We are well equipped with A Strong team of trained & skilled engineers wh can resolve issues quickly and is available on call-basis investment.
Our skilled engineers make use of internal resistance testers and other new-tech solutions to ensure porper testing and maintenance of your system based on the requirments.

Internal Resistance Tester

Internal resistance tester is a handheld, accurate, and very quick resistance tester. It determines the state of health of batteries by taking measurements of important battery parameters in online mode sych as battery internal resistance, cell voltage as well as inter-cell connection resistance. Hence it avoids unnecessary shutdown of the system to check the health of the batteries.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Saves from unexpected repairs & avoids cost for these repairs

Round the clock service from qualified technicans

Planned services for your products

Genuine spare parts for high reliability

Types of AMC conducted by Mpower

UPS Maintenance Contract Comprehensive Non-Comprehensive
Preventative Maintenance 4PM (Quaterly) 4PM (Quaterly)
Emergency Response 4-8 working hours 8-12 working hours
24/7 technical hotline Included Included
Labour Cover Included Included
Parts Cover Included Extra Cost
Battery Cover Extra Cost Extra Cost
Breakdown Calls Unlimited Unlimited
Standby Support Included Extra Cost

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