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Hi, We are MPower

Mpower India Private Limited has been a leading Authorized Channel Partner for various OEMs like Exide, Delta, Microtek and Tata Power Solar. Together with these brands, we aim to make power backup solutions convenient and affordable for all. We have always sought unconventional means to take our branding to the next level in order for people to recognize the efforts we put in from concept to creation. This has made us one of the most reputed companies in the industry. Now MPower is ready to seize a new opportunity to make our support and sales service one to emulate. We are equipped with an efficient support team who has successfully been assisting you with all your queries.
The heart of it all is where Mr. Grey Watt resides.

the grey watt

Mr. Grey Watt. represents MPower as the official brand Mascot. You already know that MPower talks about Power that is uninterrupted. Similarly, our mascot has characteristics of long-lasting strength, focus, accuracy, action and energy.

THE MAKING – The concept behind our Mascot

We wanted our brand mascot to represent our vision. As the team leader, we created his vibe in a way that speaks of immediate proactiveness. We are proud to have a team that is prompt, responsible and professional towards our clients. That’s exactly what we have replicated in our Mascot’s illustration. You know he’s your friend.

As for the character, MPower selected a Cheetah to showcase speed, power, smartness and energy.

Mr. Grey gets his name from his power suit which is of the color that typically symbolises modernity, richness and neutrality with the surname suggests that he belongs to the Watt family of energy.

The concept of POWERMATE comes from our entire team. There is no better way to describe their energy and team spirit while offering their support. To acknowledge their teamwork, we decided on the name “Powermate” which has now become an official call out for our team.

Mr. Grey walks in with a new visual language.

Our idea behind creating the mascot revolves around a few aspects.

Identity – We are working to build MPower as a brand by using innovative methods. Our end goal is to create an identity for MPower through our Mascot. When people look at a Cheetah, they should associate it with MPower.

Innovation – Whether it is our products, operations or services, we keep implementing innovative methods to be the best. Through our Mascot, we establish our visual identity and keep evolving in all possible ways.

Interaction – We understand that our clients are more comfortable communicating with a person who they are familiar with. By making our mascot the official face of the support team, we can establish strong interaction with our esteemed customers.

You know Mr. Grey and we would like to know about you.