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A Flexible, Safe, and Reliable Low Voltage Power Distribution Solution

With the brand vision “Smarter, Greener, Together,” Delta has utilized its industry-leading power electronics technology to develop the Busway BR Series for data center applications. Different from a conventional power cable system or sandwich busway solutions, Delta has adopted epoxy cast resin technology to significantly increase IP protection level, safety, and reliability. Delta’s solution is ideal for use in a variety of industries and climate conditions. The superior electrical and mechanical characteristics of resin minimize the Busway BR Series’ dimensions and simplify its structure. The Busway BR Series also has an extended product life cycle, increased reusability, and achieves significant energy savings for customers.

Product Advantages

Busway Body

  • Wide power ratings ranging from 250A to 1600A
  • Up to 200% neutral
  • Highly integrated cast resin technology with epoxy inside
  • Pole locations can be reserved or customer can choose the continuous plug-in units upon request
  • Numerous standard lengths are available, such as 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M
  • Length can be customized upon customer request
  • IP protection level up to IP54

Plug-in Unit

  • Easy expansion, plug and play and hot swappable without interruption
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Users can use a single module or multiple modules in parallel
  • Highly customized plug-in units work with power meters and circuit breakers from major vendors
  • Monitoring module is available for options

Conductor Material

  • Users can select copper or aluminum types as needed
  • Conductivity of copper conductor is above 99.9%
  • Copper conductors are entirely tin plated for optimum conductivity and contact reliability

Resin Material

  • Uses epoxy cast resin technology that is highly insulating (Class F 155℃ ) to enhance safety and reliability
  • Fire resistance, waterproof, insulation rating, resistance to chemical and corrosion level compliant with
    industrial standards
  • Guaranteed high reliability even in harsh environmental conditions (up to IP54)


A Flexible, Safe, and Reliable Low Voltage Power Distribution Solution

The Busway BL Series from Delta are made from epoxy using vacuum casting. Superior to traditional cables or sandwich type busway solutions, Delta’s Busways significantly improve the protection ratings, safety and reliability of products, are ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions, and can be extensively applied to a range of industries. Thanks to the outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of resin, these busways have reduced dimensions, a simplified structure, extended service life, and improved reusability. More importantly, Delta’s Busways provide excellent energy-savings to help our customers enjoy substantial savings on their electricity bills.

Customer Value

  • Flexible modular design allows easy disassembly, reconstruction, and expansion as well as high re-usability
  • Excellent safety, as well as waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, shock-proof, and corrosion-proof
  • Certified according to market-specific or customer-specific needs, such as by the IEC, CNS, GB, and others
  • Highly compact


With the rapid growth of global IT industry, factories are built to increasingly large scales. This adds to the demand for quality power supply, safe power transfer and efficient systems, as well as greater expandability. As busway development has reached higher levels of reliability, safety and flexibility due to fast delivery and flexible engineering changes, busways are now used extensively in a variety of industries.

In addition to power transmission/distribution, Delta’s Busways also feature high protection ratings and are ideal for harsh environmental conditions and mission critical applications required high reliability and safety.

outdoor applications
Petro-chemistry, marine, oil & gas Critical
equipment, datacenters
semiconductor, wafer
Waterproof, dustproof
Fireproof and
Resistance to chemical